Homesteading Beginnings

Welcome to the Wylie Homestead Adventure! Although the first thought of moving entered our minds five months ago, it’s been amazing to see what all has happened since then. Our house had to be finished getting ready to sell, and we had to find out where we were going to move. We accepted an offer on our home days after putting it up for sale, and our offer was accepted on land a few days later. We are now within weeks of having papers signed, and actually moving on our plan. Here is something I wrote a few months ago, at the beginning of the process. I will be recapping some of the big things over the past months that led us to where we are today. In about two weeks it is going to be “go time”, so I’ll have plenty to write about then, and it will get confusing if I try and catch you up. By the way, we would still love answers to the question about ideas of moving with children. We are weeks away from actually moving, so this is the perfect timing!  J So here are my first thoughts that I wrote about this adventure…


The new chapter we are about to enter into is selling our home, buying a new one, and moving to another state (all of which are firsts for our marriage), with two toddlers and a third on the way in June. We are praying God will help everything move swiftly so we can be moved into our new home before our baby is born, but we aren’t sure what He has planned. The decision to sell our home feels quick, but it’s been a series of steps. We took one step, and God shone the light for the next step. Some doors closed, but windows opened. So we are proceeding with faith, trusting Him to show us if we are going the wrong way. He’s done it before very tangibly, so I know we can continue to trust Him.

In December I was talking with a friend who mentioned that they are going to wait to buy their first home, continuing to rent their current house until the market drops, since it’s a sellers’ market. I hadn’t heard anything about that (we don’t have television hooked up, only watching movies online and DVDs on our TV screen), so I tucked it away as interesting information. Another woman who is like a mother to me confirmed the same thing a few weeks later, and said that they were planning to sell their home in the spring, moving  in with their son and his family. That made me take it more seriously, and I started discussing it with Tom. He wasn’t completely opposed to the idea (which surprised me), so I took that as a possibility and looked into the idea more in depth. As I began looking, I saw more and more green lights, and our journey took us through ups and downs, continuing the roller coaster ride until present day. I wish I had shared the lessons I’ve learned from this time of transition over the past few months, but figured now would be as good a time as ever. Several friends are in similar transitions, or looking at the possibility of making a similar move in the next few years. So here’s to lessons learned, and new beginnings wrought with anticipation, laughter, tears, and hope.


Are you planning to move soon with children? Or do you remember your first move with kids? Please share advice below, as we are still at the beginning of this journey, hoping to put our home on the market in 2 weeks. With it being a sellers’ market, we’ve been advised that our home will likely sell quickly, but it might be hard to find another one to buy. It’s a daily adventure around here!



4 thoughts on “Homesteading Beginnings

    1. What great ideas! I especially like the one about packing things you enjoy last. It’s true, we often think about kids, but not ourselves. I’m trying to work on making sure I do take some time for myself so I can pour into my family and not be worn out. I didn’t realize your kids are only a year or two older than ours!


  1. Sarah, we moved, with children, 4 times. When they were younger they just went with the flow. As they got older we allowed them to pick out colors for their rooms, bed spreads, etc. Back to the when they were young advice. Take one day at a time. You don’t have to unpack in one day. Keep the crock pot out because meals will be easier that way. Take time during the days you are unpacking to do something special with the kids. Go explore a new place…it will all be new. Maybe where the new trees are on your land. Take a nap when they nap. Label your boxes according to which room they will go into at the new place. Draw, to scale, the new rooms and draw, to scale the furniture for the rooms and practice placing things where they go so those decisions will have been made ahead of time. Keep some boxes for the kids to play with. Don’t bring out all their toys at once. Just a few each few days. Keep some books and car toys available in the car. Let them help you put their stuff in their room. Enough for now.

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    1. Good advice! I need to remember especially to do something special. I try, but right now being a few weeks away from our third babies arrival…many days I just want to rest. Although the girls seem to have more energy these days. But I need to remember that even going on a walk is an adventure. It’s funny, I just started rotating their toys, but they’ve been packed up for a month now. They aren’t too buried, so thanks for the reminder to trade some out. They’ll love that! 🙂


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