New Idaho Property Layout! [Wylie Homestead Vlog #1]

Tom took his RC Plane with a GoPro mounted on it to our property and flew it up to make sure our markings for the property lines and driveway are straight. Here is the Vlog!

If you are buying raw land, you’ll need to find out where the property corners are placed. Since ours are supposed to be straight, we figured it would be easy. But surprisingly it’s been ridiculously difficult, since the trees in the back corners mess up with your sense of direction. The septic installer also had a rough time, which made me feel somewhat better that my location skills aren’t that bad. It’s important that the sketched plans you turn in to the county are correct, as well as where you tell your excavator to put in the road and clear the ground for your buildings. Tom has done quite a bit of orienteering in the past, yet even he got a bit confused. I take that back- he was always sure of the direction, but I was positive it wasn’t correct. A hint to the Wives- it will help your relationship and make the day better if you voice your concern, but then be quiet and hold the measuring tape. Allow him to work and do his thing in peace, as he is the one who has the responsibility for the markings. I know you want to help him, just like I did, but if you learn it hours earlier than I did, you will have a better time together. A hint to the Husbands- please give grace to your wife. She’s likely not trying to control you, or put you down. She’s trying to help, because she loves you and understands how important this is. She wants you to succeed, and that it works out well. Be patient and let her know gently if she’s driving you crazy, and figure out a way to have patience until she realizes it too(I’d highly recommend asking God to give it to you).

Have you had to mark or find your property corners/line? How did you do it? Would you do it again?


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