An Update: Got the land, waiting on the baby… June 23, 2017

(This post was written on June 23rd, but I haven’t been able to post until now)

It has been a crazy past few weeks! We knew it would be, but living it out in real time reminds us again how important it is to have plans but hold them loosely, trusting God for His timing. In the past two weeks we sold our house (after a complication with the buyer came up two weeks before), and then were informed that the land we were buying had a complication that kept pushing it’s signing date back. We’ve been in the middle of having our house officially sold, but not having land to move our stuff onto, and praying as we watched the 15 days we had after our house sold to be out of our house tick away…

June 1st was supposed to be the big day that would set into motion many other things needing to be done- the day we officially closed on our house! The money would be transferred, and then we’d make a lot of phone calls saying “Go!” But that day turned out anti-climactic. We ended up not being able to close until the following Friday, June 9. Our realtor informed us about the option of signing a few days early, so that when the buyers signed, the money would be transferred right away. We highly recommend this option if you are selling your home, especially if you have a bunch of things needing to be paid immediately with that money. For instance, we thought we were going to sign the closing papers  for our land the next day (which was a Saturday- always make sure you aren’t set to sign on a Saturday unless there are specific conditions, since nothing is open that day). So we had an automatic transfer from the title company in WA to the title company in ID. That ended up working out wonderfully, as we didn’t have to physically drive the check 2 hours across the border, and it was immediately available when we did sign the closing papers on the 9th. We also went to buy our 5th wheel that was waiting for us at a dealership for the past month (they were very gracious to hold it special for us because we were in escrow… and they had compassion on this very pregnant mama). I haven’t yet written a post about how we will be living for the coming months as Tom builds our house, but the cat is now out of the bag! I’ll write another post later, but know that we are thrilled with what a nice place God has provided, and the ideas to enlarge it. The RV was delivered to Tom’s folks house the next day, and we started moving in on Sunday.

For those of you who move often, you know there are a variety of situations you find yourself in. Being a missionary kid, and then having gone to college and lived far away from family since becoming an adult, I can honestly say I have moved my entire life. Yet preparing to move with kids…well, that was something I hadn’t done. I was so thankful for all of your comments on one of the previous posts, but what I don’t think some of you realized was that we weren’t just moving into a regular (or even small) sized house. We moved into a decent sized 5th wheel. Thankfully, I was so prepared for having zero room to put things away in that I have been pleasantly surprised with the amount storage space it actually has. I felt that I couldn’t finish packing our house until we began moving things into the RV. That way I would know how much we could bring, and what needed to go into our storage container on the property we were buying. I’m thankful we brought one van load over every day last week, so I could start putting things away and “nesting”. It took longer than usual, as I was in my final week (supposedly) of pregnancy, and my energy levels weren’t super high. But high enough to at least get stuff packed!

During this week after signing, Tom was prepping stuff around our home for moving-out-of-the-house-day, set now for the following Saturday, June 17th. We realized that even though we hadn’t signed on the new land, we only had that Saturday available to move out of our house. Thankfully, a friend let us use his 28 ft. semi truck to load up the stuff, and keep it for a week. Quite a few people from amazing church family came and helped us pack things into the semi (thank you men and boys), pack the basement (thankyou ladies and girls! I had the upper house pretty much empty, but not the basement-although everything down there was sorted to be put in storage). And several of the kids pulled dandelions that were in the front yard for the past few weeks since I have not been able to crawl around on the ground lately. We were basically done by noon, and had Costco pizza to celebrate! If you have a large moving party, Costco pizza is one of my favorite meals to serve. If I wasn’t so exhausted, I would’ve added salads and fruit, but I think most people were good with just the pizza. Don’t forget to ask someone ahead of time to go get it. I knew I needed to, but couldn’t think of who to ask. Thankfully I did have it in the forefront of my mind as mid-morning approached. I asked one of the ladies, who said she could go get it. She brought it back in time for lunch, along with drinks (which are important for moving parties), and everyone was able to rest and enjoy. We are so thankful for all the help!


What is one of your most memorable moving memories?


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